Engaged Classroom Participant Portfolio
This portfolio has been created in connection with the Jordan School District Enhanced Classroom professional development project.
Below are links to pages that demonstrate my competence in several key areas.

Inspiration Software
This document was created for my Educational Law class.
Most teachers don't know the student due process procedures
for behavioral intervention by the school and district. I hope
this enlightens teachers!

Atomic Learning Modules
Links to a few modules that I have found to be particularly helpful.

iPhoto Animation

Video created during summer workshop:

My students are creating movies about an event in the life of a U.S. President.
These movies have been a year long process. Most are now adding dialogue and
sounds. I will include updated movies as they become available.

Comic Life Project

Social Bookmarking

Google Docs


Digital Story Telling
  • Did not do this unless the three videos my students taped of me teaching for National Boards fills this requirement (I submitted 2 of the videos to NB). If they do, I prefer not to share these at this time since they have yet to be scored by NB.

Lesson Plans I've Used from Thinkfinity

Lesson Plans I've Created